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Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT

Doctor of Medical QiGong and Reiki Master

Healer, Teacher, Speaker

About Reiki

Susan M. Amorose, DMQ, RMT in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a certified Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is a Japanese healing art involving the channeling of energy in a hands-on or hands-off process.

The Usui System of Reiki Healing

I teach and practice the Japanese Healing Art of Usui Shiki Ryoho. This approach offers deep relaxation potentials to the body, mind and spirit, which can allow for the greatest potentials in healing and recovery. 

My Reiki instruction program involves three levels and is intensively focused on grounding and clearing for energy hygeine as well as clinical applications for those with a casual interest yet grounded interest in the practice or a professional goal. 

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Reiki Level Certification Course

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Reiki certification courses are offered at Green Heiress Holistic Health Center locations in both Aspinwall, and Fox Chapel, PA. These courses are divided into three cumulative levels, including Mastery. Instruction can be private or small group. 

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Please contact me by email to arrange 

ENERGY INTENSIVE CERTIFICATION COURSES affording students the opportunity to achieve three certifications across two modalities, Reiki and QiGong are offered several times a year. This allows participants the unique opportunity to be trained in grounding, clearing and protections, Reiki I & II as well as QiGong 5-Element Theory introduction, Tao Yin Five Form and Yin Yang Theory introduction. This course series consists of a minimum of 6 -8 meeting over the course of several weeks. 

Please contact me by email for the next available modular certification course.

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